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Benevento Segway PT Authorized Tour

Segway Tour Benevento


This Segway PT tour of Benevento will allow you to get to know this beautiful place that is not only the city of witches!

After a brief orientation about the use of a Segway PT, which will take place in the parking lot in Risorgimento square -GPS 41°07'49.0"N 14°47'06.2"E-, the tour will begin.

The first destination we will reach will be the Villa Comunale, the main green space in the city.

Then we will see Piazza IV novembre to admire the Rocca dei Rettori, a fortified structure whose construction has been started since the year 871.

Later, we will be able to admire the Hortus Conclusus, an artistic installation by Domenico Palladino: it is a place of comfort to contrast the eternal struggle that every man lives in the real world as well as in his own interior, in search of peace.

Afterwards we will visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria de Episcopio, existing since the origins of the Benevento Church, almost destroyed by bombings in the Second World War and, subsequently, rebuilt.

An obligatory stop is at the Arco del Sacramento, built in Roman times.

Then we will reach the Roman Theater, an admirable work dating from the late 1st and early 2nd century AD.

The tour continues still up to the Leproso bridge, of Roman origins, with a typical donkey-back structure, which allowed the Via Appia to cross the river Sabato.

We will go to the Basilica of Maria Santissima delle Grazie which is a nineteenth-century monumental church, to which is attached a Franciscan convent, rebuilt after the Second World War.

Resuming the route, we will arrive at the Arch of Trajan, a unique monument in the world. It is the symbol of Benevento and represents a well-preserved testimony of Roman civilization.

The Church of Santa Sofia is easily accessible by continuing the route.

At the end of the tour you will return to the meeting point.

It will always be possible to ask a stop to taste typical food (sweet, salty ...).

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