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CSTRents couldn’t avoid taking care of environment and of places where we live every day. That’s why came about the collaboration with Atmoservice s.c.a.r.l. and Archimedes Logica Srl, leader company in the sector of detecting and controlling the quality of the air we breathe.


ATMOSPHERE™ comes about through the integration of two highly innovative technologies:

  • Segway PT, the only vehicle authorized by the Ministry of Transport to move on sidewalks, in pedestrian areas, in parks, in sports grounds, in cycling tracks and everywhere pedestrians are admitted.
  • Lavoisier, a miniaturized and certified instrument for monitoring the most important indicators of environmental pollution.

Segway PT with Lavoisier™ on board, doesn’t want to replace or to compete with fixed central units network provided for by the law and by A.R.P.A procedures,  but besides those systems, it enables administrators to intervene at the proper time, to prevent any critic situation and consequent negative urban traffic stops.

ATMOSPHERE can control, especially, the most sensitive targets, in the centre of the territory, where other vehicles can’t move: schools, hospitals, gardens and possible pollution sources, as industries and traffic junctions.

The air pollution measuring system is based on Lavoisier™ technology, developed by Archimedes Logica, within E.U. “LIFE” programs, certified by National Reference Laboratory (CNR/IIA). That instrument allows to detect, continuously, the concentration of CO, NO2, SO2 and O3 in the atmosphere and, if you want, of suspended dusts (PM10) and of electromagnetic fields. The instrument, which takes a very little space and consumes very little electrical energy, can works during Segway PT movement and has a satellite tracing device that supplies a continuous precise reference of time and position for every detection.

The raw data thereby detected, are sent to a Control Centre, which elaborates them, both from a statistical and mathematical point of view and from a geographic point of view, giving back concentration maps of false colour, superimposed to the local cartography.


mappa di concentrazione

The System can also elaborate different statistics, related to time and to seasonal trends.


The main aim in measuring quality of the air where people live, stop and restore themselves, has been achieved integrating the measuring technology with the only vehicle that is able to move in pedestrian areas: the Segway PT.

The vehicle propose a driving style, which is easy and safe for operators and for pedestrians.

The Segway PT Atmosphere has been equipped with blue flashing lights, with LED technology, allowing a better visibility and the possibility of using it, even in hours and places of dimness.

The System is equipped with a large range of user interfaces, hosted in palmtop terminals, for the working operators.



La squadra Atmoservice La squadra Atmoservice  La squadra Atmoservice La squadra Atmoservice


The great amount of disaggregated data (a test every 5 seconds), aggregation and elaboration softwares and advices of important research centres, can suggest little interventions focused on protection of the environment in general and of the areas at a greater risk of pollution.

To reach that aim, CSTRents propose to be a partner with public Administrations, corporations, services companies, State holding companies, offering both advanced technologies and a project developed within U.E. technological innovation programs, in collaboration with leading Universities and Research Institutes.

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