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Ease of use, portability, adaptability to any type of road, power, flexibility, respect for the environment are just some of the special features of this unique jewel of the art technology.

This is a self-balancing electric vehicle, which allows the user great freedom of movement and is particularly easy to use (the forward and the brakes are controlled ... by just leaning forward or backward): only a few minutes are required in order to maneuver it safely and confidently.

It is a little gem of technology and invention, a synthesis of research and of  fascinating design that demonstrates how the  developments of technology can be wisely applied for the improvement of safety and daily living.

The implementation of an electric vehicle is a radical change in the means of transportation that can be handled in any environment. In this specific case, the size of the vehicle and the possibilities of use, in conjunction with the application of a sophisticated electronic guidance and control system, change the way people move, opening new scenarios and claiming new psychological and physical approaches in everyday life.

Segway PT is a small size two-wheeled vehicle, weighing approximately 47 kg, intended for use in an urban environment. It is powered by rechargeable batteries that drive two electric motors capable of transporting a person to about 20 km/h. With an electric charge of about 3-8 hours, Segway PT acquires a range of about 25-40 km, a passenger can carry up to 118 kg with 35 kg luggage on a platform of 63,5x63,5 cm, up to 21 cm of ground clearance.

One of the most interesting features is the electronic control system that allows the user to control and steer the vehicle in a simple and functional way. The driving and handling are reinforced by manual controls and sensors that allow the passenger to interact with the vehicle, allowing a wide range of movements and rotations. The design staff that created Segway PT were significantly inspired by the structure of the human body, giving the vehicle a true "operational brain" capable of giving orders optimally to the various parts that control balance, direction, and operating status and autonomy.

The marked rhythm of normal daily activities could be reviewed through the use of a vehicle which is practical and easy to handle, requiring no driver's license, with free access to any area, the cruising speed is sufficient to cover short and mid distance tracks in a safe and quiet manner, and providing a soft and discreet, non-invasive ride, that has a positive impact on the welfare of the inhabitants and the surrounding environment.

GRAPHICAL INTERFACE - The users interface is simple and intuitive. By some basic graphics, the user can easily control all vehicle functions and conditions. The display screen is an InfoKey round in shape, well integrated into the design of the Segway PT and easy to read in any lighting.

MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - The vehicle can be easily maneuvered by simply moving the handle bar to the right or left, it is equipped with "LeanSteer" technology or, depending on model, triggering a joystick with his left hand, all done in order to allow the user immediate interaction.

SPEED LIMIT - Segway PT, through the use of InfoKey and appropriate controls, engages to the various levels of access and different pre-set settings in the control and speed of the vehicle (limited to 6 km/hr. in pedestrian sidewalk areas, and 20 km/hr on bicycle tracks).

HANDLEBAR – It´s height is adjustable and removable to allow for better portability of the vehicle.

CHASSIS - The chassis, besides being the support surface for the user, also acts as support for the motors, batteries, transmission system and electronic components, favoring also the dissipation of heat produced by the motors and all the mechanical parts. Aluminum is an element tested to withstand shock and overload weight, ensuring reliability and security.

MOTORS - Each wheel is driven by an electric motor that produces no emissions. The motors are rated at about 5 horsepower, are controlled electronically and guarantee an excellent level of reliability and durability. Each motors is equipped with its own separate electrical circuit capable of operating as a separate mechanical entity.

TRANSMISSION - The "two-stage" transmission is compact and functional, the gear system is effective and safe and well protected to prevent loss of lubricant. Great effort and attention has been placed in order to limit noise and to preserve the acoustic comfort of the user and the environment.

BATTERIES - The batteries, according to the model, allow a distance range of up to 40 miles per charge. Circuits are continuously controlling the performance of the batteries and are contained in a highly resistant plastic box and designed according to the operating temperatures. The vehicle comes with a charging system which is activated through a standard electrical outlet.

BRAIN - The electronic system is the real "brain" of the Segway PT and allows you to control information through its sensors, then process the input to be given to the motors. The balance and smooth operation of the vehicle is then entrusted, to electronic circuitry contained in two stand-alone devices that work together but are able to individually control the information in case of malfunction of one of the parties.

SENSORS/GYRO - This device allows the monitoring electronic system to detect and handle the different levels and different ground conditions. This allows for proper balance and safe driving conditions. Gyroscopes and sensors are synchronized to determine the orientation of the vehicle, depending on the pull of gravity. The system includes 5 gyroscopes oriented so that in either direction at least two of them are operational. The aluminum outer shell protects the electronics and the various internal parts and forms part of the base on which the user is supported, the platform contains four diaphragms, which bend under the weight of driver and relay the information to be transmitted to the electronic system that "advises " the presence of a person and compensates for movement, thereby activating the balance system.

PROTECTION - The wheel fenders are protections that are built into the vehicle design made of impact resistant resin and placed so as to protect the drivers clothing in bad weather and humid conditions.

TIRES - To maximize performance and comfort of the Segway PT, the tires were made with a medium compound, operating at low pressures. Thanks to this composition, it ensures stability and traction ability. All features of most modern tires have been synthesized by this manufacturer ensuring efficiency and reliability, as well as good duration and vehicle performance.

WHEELS - The wheel core or center hubs are made of a steel core covered by a ring of reinforced composite material capable of providing strength and reliability. During design, these pieces have been proven to work in adverse conditions, thus compensating for the high disparity of uneven ground, that characterizes the usual circuits on which the Segway PT is driven on.

SPECIAL USES - It is useful to note that the Segway PT, in Italy, has been the subject of experimentation by the Ravenna Police Chief who has entrusted it to the Police District, and has acted similarly for the Park and Forest Ranger Corps, it has been experimented with vehicles in Turin for the Olympics-related services, and for the Penitentiary Police , as vehicles used inside several prisons. It is also evidenced that the Italian railway stations are using the Segway PT for the Railway Police, to ensure control and security of the same. Finally it should be noted that a number of local police forces are equipped with a Segway PT´s for territorial control actions.

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