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Segway PT Authorized Tour/Incentive


Participate in one of our Segway PT Tours and discover the newest and most fun way to visit a city of art and its most important tourist sites. CSTRents guarantees a high quality staff, which lives up to the high standard of service. Have fun with us utilizing the most incredible transportation means of the XXI century! Don’t miss out on discovering the most beautiful cities riding a Segway PT.


CSTRents provides tour services in several cities with different features.


There could be a minimum number of participants required for this special offer (generally at least four). It's necessary to verify case by case in each tour schedule.


There could be a minimum number of participants required for this special offer (generally at least two). It's necessary to verify case by case in each tour schedule. It takes place without a tour guide. The assistance of a CSTRents staff member is guaranteed for the duration of the whole tour, even in the case in which the audio guide is not available (please keep in mind that the “audio guide” service is considered additional but free of charge, unlike the service option of an “escort”).


If You choose Exclusive Vip Tours you don't need to ensure a minimum number of participants and you can have a fast confirmation of your reservation. These tours in particular suit people who want a superior service, attended only by the guide and without other and unknown participants.


The tours start with a 30-minute orientation session: we will practice in order to make every participant comfortable and able to perfectly handle the Segway PT, and to leave conquesting the best sites in the world. CSTRents escort will be present for the entire duration of the tours in order to guarantee fun with high safety. Once confident with the Segway PT, we will begin the tour, giving you the opportunity to visit the places of highest historical, artistic and tourist interest.

Prices and admission particulars are showed in the cards concerning each Tours.


All of our guides are qualified professionals and have a Bachelor’s degree in relevant subjects (art, history, foreign languages). This is to guarantee you the highest quality of service. In addition, they will delight you with amusing anecdotes and little unknown secrets of the city. We will provide you also with a set of headphones in order to more comfortably follow the explanations of your guide. The tours are provided in different languages depending on your requests.

  • Segway PT rental
  • 30 min. orientation
  • Tourist guide or audio guide or escort service
  • Set of headphones
  • Raincoat in case of rain

It is possible to make a reservation both by phone +39.06.98356186 or via email or also getting in touch with the automatic service that you can find inside each tour form, in this website.


The payment is always completely reimbursable when the reservation is formally cancelled, at least 3 days (72 hours) before the date of the reserved tour, and only if the presence of the person cancelling is not required to achieve the minimum number of participants. The payment will not be reimbursed for any other reasons (for example: weather, change of trip plans, illness, cancellation due to missed flight/train, etc) in the 72 hours that precede the tour. It is, however, possible to communicate cancellation (in written form) in any other moment, if CSTRents has not confirmed the reservation.


Incentive field is developed by CSTRents in order to make all of the individual activities enjoyable by groups of more than five people. All the Tours above described, then, can be appropriately organized for groups, eventually combined with SegSwing.


Riding Segway PT is not allowed to people younger than 16 years old (and to people who weighs less than 45 kg or more than 113 kg) and to those people whose disability doesn’t permit to step on or get off Segway easily and without help. The members of CSTRents attend directly to products here promoted and they assure success and quality of the services supplied.

Our guided Segway PT Tours are the best in the market: the arrangements with local guides and numerous tour operators around the world allow us to guarantee the best level of service. Considering our primary interest in the rental of Segway PT vehicles, professionalism and client protection are our prime concern, and our Code of conduct certifies the ultimate integrity of our actions.

In full compliance and respect to the law, we authorize the rental of Segway PT vehicles for Tours, provided that our partners surpass strict control guidelines as well as existing quality assurance and safety parameters.

Although, our product is not regulated by tourism rules, we have adopted strict prescribed criteria by means of our warranted code validation, in light of the fact, that these are stricter and presently in force in the tourism sector.

Nossos Tours guiados no Segway PT são os melhores existentes no mercado: os acordos com guias turísticos especializados e com vários operadores turísticos de todo o mundo nos permitem estar em condições de garantir um serviço de muito alto nível. De fato, ao ocuparmos, principalmente, do aluguel dos veículos Segway PT, privilegiamos sempre o profissionalismo e a proteção do cliente e possuímos um Código de Ética para poder certificar ao máximo a retidão de nossas ações.

Em pleno cumprimento e respeito às leis vigentes, autorizamos o aluguel do Segway PT para os Tours, desde que nossos sócios tenham um rigoroso controle disciplinar, e só se existem garantias de segurança e qualidade.

Ainda que, de fato, não se trata de um produto regulado por normas em matéria de turismo, adotamos rigorosos critérios prescritos por nosso código de validação, que estão garantidos por tratar-se de normas muito mais rigorosas do que as