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High specialized services


CSTRents launched the idea of supplying to the tourist a “Mobile Information Point”. Not only the usual information service where the tourist can go, but also vice versa: the informer that moves and approaches the tourist in a joyous and innovative way.

We thought, then, to lay out some Segway PT with shields that can be customized, so that the operator can be easily recognized and, at the same time, touristic information can be supplied by an especially trained staff.

And not only information. The “MIP-Tourist Angels” can be widespread in the most important pedestrian areas of touristic sites. If duly sponsored by institutions that are interested in supplying high-level services in their territories, they can assure so high quality touristic information that the level of assistance to the visitor will raise. The tourist will enjoy his stay and optimize his circuits of visit and entertainment, with the possibility of certified offers, as well. Moreover, “MIP-Tourist Angels” will be also able to sell touristic products coming from different establishments, that had made an appropriate arrangement.

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