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Mantua Segway PT Authorized Tour

Segway PT Tour Mantova


This rural city gave birth to the supreme Poet Virgil, and this means, for this land a more and more glorious destiny. From free Commune to Signory; the Bonacolsi and Gonzaga families erected buildings, palaces, towers and mansions all around Piazza Sordello, besides a number of churches and St George’s castle.

Over two centuries Mantua flourished in politics, economics and culture, giving rise to one of the richest Royal Palace in Europe. There was no lack of men of letters and artists, such as Mantegna for the frescos, Leon Battista Alberti for the architectural design of Renaissance churches, and Giulio Romano who supervised the town planning renewal and build the ducal villa out of town in the sixth century.

Right here, nearby the Tea Palace, our amazing tour will start, from the meeting point for training, close to the parking in via Primaticcio -GPS 45°08'53.0"N 10°47'03.5"E-, after we have got to know our Segway PT. Be prepared to discover the city that was elected and sealed by the spirit of the Gonzagas, lords, marquises and e dukes of Mantua.

From piazza Marconi to piazza Mantegna that, together with the adjacent piazza Erbe, forms the city centre where stands the Saint Andrew’s Basilica, celebrated work of the Renaissance art.

We get to the picturesque piazza Erbe with its medieval buildings; the Reason’s Palace and Saint Laurence’s Rotunda being the most outstanding ones.

We arrive in piazza Sordello to admire the Ducal Palace or Gonzaga Royal Palace and moreover the Cathedral and Bonacolsi Palace, and then we continue towards the lakes.

Our back course gets onto piazza Castello and provides even more surprises before heading back, along comfortable and safe paths, to the arrival at the Tea Palace.

At the end of the tour you will return to the meeting point.

It will always be possible to ask a stop to taste typical food (sweet, salty ...).

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