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CSTRents Experience Tours & Rents

Who we are


CSTRents activities are linked by one only fil rouge: give power to each partner, increase efficiency of the rent system, raising as much as possible the number of users and widening the range of services supplied.

Since March 2nd 2006, some sale network partners created CSTRents, a new network for rent services which, in a few time, conquered important market fields and now is leader for this services.

Dozens of firms entrusted themselves to consortium services: we organize guided tours, advertising rents, different services in case of trade fairs or any kind of conventions, sport projects and environmental monitoring. This is our CSTRents, continuously increasing, and we want to reach new and even more important targets.

Bring Segway PT near to the people in every places and offer a ride to persons who are not interested in buying it but, at the same time, desire a few hours experience! This is our project. And this project is now our “possible mission”: all of the CSTRents partners aim to this target in order to make their organizations remunerative. And they succeed!

But Segway PT will become, with the CSTRents, even a wide use tool: we are working to make real the service of Segway PT Sharing, the same as Bike Sharing (successful in many North European cities).

On the Orientation Card, together with advanced recognition and management systems, will be based the means release–system. And the ownership will qualify the user, who will be easy able, to use Segway PT (in sharing) for his urban movements!

Our guided Segway PT Tours are the best in the market: the arrangements with local guides and numerous tour operators around the world allow us to guarantee the best level of service. Considering our primary interest in the rental of Segway PT vehicles, professionalism and client protection are our prime concern, and our Code of conduct certifies the ultimate integrity of our actions.

In full compliance and respect to the law, we authorize the rental of Segway PT vehicles for Tours, provided that our partners surpass strict control guidelines as well as existing quality assurance and safety parameters.

Although, our product is not regulated by tourism rules, we have adopted strict prescribed criteria by means of our warranted code validation, in light of the fact, that these are stricter and presently in force in the tourism sector.

And it’s not over!