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The SEGsuperstand is the world's first automatically folding parking stand specifically designed according to German quality standards for the Segway PT.

The SEGsuperstand automatically retracts simply by pulling the Segway PT’s handlebars towards you. It folds away safely by the time the green balance light appears.

For over 20 years German legislation has required motorcycle kickstands to automatically retract before the rider can move off.

That same degree of safety and convenience is now available to owners of the Segway PT.

Not only does the SEGsuperstand automatically retract before you can glide away, its unique design guarantees that it cannot deploy while riding your Segway PT.


Technical Data:
Length      403 mm
Width        111 mm
Height         32 mm
Weight         700 gr
PRICE: 180,00 € + VAT
If shipment is within Italy -the fixed value of 15,00 Euros will be charged- regardless of the number of items ordered + VAT

With your new SEGsuperstand broken parking legs and struggling during start-up riding will be banned to be history for ever.

When riding your SEGWAY PT the SEGsuperstand easy remain folded between the fender and the battery cover. It is slightly bigger than the batteries bottom cover, but there is no protrusion to reduce your SEGWAY PT’s ground clearance.

Therefore you can easy make your SEGWAY PT following you upstairs and downstairs, as none of the SEGsuperstand elements is exceeding the original outline shape and measures of your SEGWAY PT.

Very important also: it's most easy to use from the backside!

After deactivating balance mode or fully switching off the SEGWAY PT, simply press down the lever on the rear of the SEGsuperstand until the parking leg is fully extended. When it is fully extended lean your SEGWAY PT forward to allow the leg to make contact with the ground and support the SEGWAY PT.

The SEGsuperstands construction is completely maintenance free, just cleaning with water and a soft standard detergent is suitable. It is to remove strong appearances of mud, grass and dirt which can hinder the mechanic from its function.

All major parts of SEGsuperstand are made from stainless steel or Aluminium and therefore quite resistant for all kind of environmental conditions. The SEGsuperstand bearings are maintenance free as well and contains high-tech materials, used for example in AUDI passenger cars as well. The spring is customized for SEGsuperstand by one of the world biggest supplier of such items in automotive industries.

We hope to have contributed by this construction a good portion of daily fun and comfort for all SEGWAY PT friends worldwide.

Surely in short time you can not imagine using a SEGWAY PT and not having a SEGsuperstand.

CSTRents is SEGsuperstand official distributor.

SEGsuperstand is a product of Krause Technology GmbH, Rheinstraße 28, 64283 Darmstadt (GER).

For further information, have no hesitation in sending an E-mail to