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Lithium batteries restore for Segway PT

850,00 +VAT
720,00 +VAT

Finally a real opportunity to purchasing battery packs for your Segway PT. CSTRents offers an alternative to purchasing battery packs for the Segway PT: now we are in a position to share the benefits that only a network can obtain when buying into the global market at competitive prices.

DON’T THROW YOUR MONEY AWAY! Do the batteries on your Segway PT seem to run down?

Send your batteries to our Service Center and we will replace all the cells inside them with 73.6V 6 Ah Lithium cells.

We will try to reuse your BSM (Battery System Manager) card and, in this case, you will save and, instead of paying 850,00 € per battery, (plus -in case of shipment in ITA- 20,00 Euro -set price- regardless of the number of regenerated batteries that we will send you back), you will pay only 720.00 €.

This is why CSTRents remains a leader in the rental market. It is also our interest to provide services at an affordable cost, that ensures environmental awareness. Think it over before throwing them out!

Who would not agree? Of course, those who claim to be "Official Market" operators would disagree. Nonetheless, their dominant market position which is based on a policy of psychological warfare and inadequate rights of exclusivity and imaginary territorial limitations, is no longer sustainable. In fact, they market themselves providing doubtful services, and if they indicate that our network cannot guarantee the "official assistance", we will not think twice about rebutting and replying.

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The above mentioned prices do not include VAT.