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Rents for Promotion


CSTRents is equipped with means that can be properly “panelled”. If you are interested in promotion that doesn’t go ... unnoticed, you have at your disposal different opportunities to “dress” your Segway PT units.

The simplest solution is to use frontal panels of 40x75 centimetres size. On these panels, any graphics you will ask for can be printed.

You have at your disposal also circular studs (38 centimetres diameter), that launch promotion message with a particular effect: as the Segway PT unit goes on, the studs stay always steady, swinging just a little.

Segway PT can also be equipped with a keel that transforms it into a futuristic two-wheeled chariot.

Flags, sails and other solutions required by customers can be appropriately studied.

Our units are, of course, covered by an insurance policy for a wide range of risks.


Those who are interested in promoting their activity, can contact our offices to obtain personalized budgets for Segway PT units “panelled” according to their own special needs.

Our service includes means delivery, where you prefer, and the “orientation” sessions for the staff that will drive Segway PT. Our service includes also the printing of the brand proposed  by the customer fitting  the size proposed by CSTRents.

Companies that deal with advertisement are welcome in our world. We can study on the basis of their business volume, also fidelization systems that they can find particularly convenient.

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