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CSTRents presents Segway PT associated to a Format related to sport/play Event which emphasizes the culture of changing the way of moving, avoiding the use of polluting internal combustion engines and encouraging the environmental sustainability of alternative mobility: that is SegSwing, a real sport and play ecological discipline.

A SegSwing competition is made up of two clocked legs. The athletes, as in the typical special slalom of alpine skiing, have to face as fast as they can, a certain number of gates, marked by articulated posts. A real “dry run on the skis”, with a lot of fun.


The great novelty is that, until today, not any zero–emission and energy efficient electric transport system has ever tried itself in a competition, far from the usual logic of performance presentation.

All electric cars have always been compared as for fuel efficiency, speed, distance covered etc.; quite arid evaluations, that never underlined the elements that could be taken into consideration with respect to the athlete’s performances.


On the contrary, Segway PT, which is unanimously recognized as a high-quality and innovative personal transport system, wants to demonstrate that thanks to its flexibility, the athlete can completely master its sophisticated technology and use it at his will. It confirms that the success of any innovation is closely related to its immediate utilization.


That has nothing to do with any traditional motor-race: here, there is no pollution, no gas emission, no fuel consumption and, above all, the indicated horsepower is not directly proportionate to the noise. A real revolution, even cultural -if you like-: young people (and they are a lot!) approaching this Discipline, are not attracted by the deafening roar of an engine, but by the magic of “sliding away” without causing any trouble, either on the road surface or on the grass, on an unsurfaced road or on any other surface.


“Dry Skiing”, immediately creates a sort of “rational confusion”, that soon turns into an emotion similar to skiing, which is only typical of Segway PT. Keeping on the trial and founding yourself, a few minutes later, “running through articulated posts” -as a World Champion of special slalom- is certainly a unique sensation. There isn’t any other sport equipment, so easy to use, that offers great performances and sensations.


With Segway PT fans, amateurs and professionals can “ski” all year long, enter official competitions or just enjoy themselves, without any environmental impact, without using very expensive ski-lifts and, above all, they can do it in all locations (seaside, mountains, cities etc.)

The chance of keeping on skiing all the year round is already here. And to all that, we need to add that Segway PT can be used for every big or little daily movement.


To Firms that wish to operate in promotional advertising, by linking their product to a young dynamic and very innovative way of working and living.

To Firms that operate in advertising, by offering them a very interesting product, of indubitable success and in line with the global environmental trend.

To Firms that operate in the “incoming sector”. Our events are very easy to organize, both in autonomy and in association with our Guided Tours, for example.


For any information, please contact Our dealer will give you all the information you need to exploit our offer.