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Rents for sport


CSTRents, with its Sport-SegSwing section is actively involved in events and  situations related to sports.

Those who belong to sport organizations like administrative employers, maintenance staff, first aid staff or security staff and those who take part in special events (organizing Committee members, competition officers) and guests can rent Segway PT.

For more information contact our Golf Project.

Even our SegSwing project which has been so successfull since its beginning, is now available as a Format both for entertainment and competitions. 


First of all, big and middle-size sports centres managers.

Segway PT let you operate drastic staff cutbacks and this fact, itself, is very important to estimate the relation between costs and benefits in case of managerial organizations.

Federations and sport managers can take advantage of our conventions. This way it will be possible to favour sweet-mobility, which is a leading edge technology choice, apart from, and even more, an environmental protection decision.

Who is interested in promotion could be involved in the SegSwing project: business men, hotel keepers, park managers … could organize in advance an event that we will set up even in smallest details. So you will offer an opportunity of true amusement to your guests and/or to the public.

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