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Second Hand guaranteed units


Don’t miss these opportunities … to come into the magic Segway PT world!

Second Hand guaranteed Segway PT, coming from the Network fleet, are waiting for you. The following opportunities are available:

- Segway PT i170 provided with Nichel batteries € 3.400,00 + VAT

- Segway PT i180 provided with Litium batteries, different colours, € 3.600,00 + VAT

- Segway PT XT provided with Litium batteries € 4.100,00 + VAT

- Segway PT p133 provided with Nichel batteries € 2.900,00 + VAT

- Segway PT i2 provided with Litium batteries € 3.900,00 + VAT

- Segway PT x2 provided with Litium batteries € 4.400,00 + VAT

Unbeatable prices to make easier the approach to this useful technology!

By Segway PT you will be able to do rapid urban trips, respecting environment, enjoying yourself, with no costs for fuel.

If you are interested in more information about Segway PT second hand units availability you can contact

Every second hand unit on sale is granted six months in all its parts.