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CSTRents believes that its customers should be protected, from different points of view.

The attempt to make clear our effort to offer the top security about Privacy Statement, is, certainly, a hard task (considering the avalanche of messages that we receive every time that our data become accessible): but we do our utmost to block the improper use of data entrusted to us!

As a greater guarantee of our work quality, CSTrents adopted a Code of conduct that, surely, put our network in the lead, for the quality of relationship with our customers.

And that’s not all: even if our activity is not codified among those that are “certifiable”, we use procedures subjected to a regime of “Procedural discipline” (adopted in a system of self-regulation) which allow a continuous monitoring of the performed actions and assure the best quality of services, as a guarantee for users.

Those responsible choices differentiate us, enormously, from our competitors and make us unique in the world overview of Segway PT rental, undisputed leaders, both for the organization and for performed services skill.

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