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  • What does riding a Segway PT feel like?
  • Riding the Segway PT feels like nothing you've ever experienced because there's never been anything like it. Step on and your instinct will be to steady yourself, as you would on anything with two wheels. But almost immediately you'll realize that the Segway PT is balancing for you, almost like it has become an extension of you. Just lean forward a little and you'll see that the Segway PT isn't moving you on its own; it's moving in response to you and what you tell it to do. It all feels natural and really cool.
  • How much does it cost to rent a Segway PT?
  • Contact for information.
  • Are Segway PT's legal in my State?
  • Local regulations may exist. We recommend that you check your local regulations prior to use in public areas.
  • Is it possible to keep Segway PT in a car luggage compartment?
  • The handle-bar is adjustable and this allows to put Segway PT in the luggage compartment of a lot of cars.
  • May I use Segway PT while it’s raining?
  • Yes the mean is completely sealed and waterproof so it can be used in rainy days.
  • Do you still use Segway Personal Transporters first generation (e167, i167, i170, i180, XT, GT, p133) for your rent services?
  • Yes, even if Network fleet is renewing every day. We offer this models as second hand guaranteed units. Contact for more information.
  • May I rent Segway PT configuring my own accessory packages?
  • Yes. Accessories were chosen for the current packages based on specific uses by our customers, but you can customize your very own Segway PT. Contact for more information.
  • Can I travel with the lithium-ion batteries?
  • You can ship your Segway PT anywhere by ground but our lithium-ion batteries are not suitable at the moment to be transported by air (included journeys by plane)
  • Can I recharge my Segway PT in my car or on my boat?
  • Yes, Segway PT can be recharged while you are driving your car or managing your boat, using an inverter suitable to the power DC-a-AC. Every Segway PT expends approximately140 Watts power during batteries recharge. However we recommend that inverters have a power of 350 Watts at least for each Segway PT you need to recharge. The inverters producing a sinusoidal wave are suitable to charge your Segway PT.
  • Can I recharge my Segway PT in countries where are in use voltages different from those you use in Italy?
  • Yes, until the voltage is included between 90 and 260V and between 50 and 60Hz AC (in almost the whole Europe and Asia). But maybe an adaptor should be necessary for the wall tap. You can also use a IEC cable (used usually for PC and monitors) projected for the country you are in. You can find adaptors and IEC cables in any electronics shop.
  • How can I get an insurance for my Segway PT?
  • CSTRents rents its means covered by a wide ranging policy. Contact for more information.
  • Can the speed setting for a PT be locked?
  • Yes, each InfoKey controller can be locked into the beginner setting by a special sequence of button-presses. You can also set the Beginner Setting speed, Standard Setting speed, and "off" time for Standby mode.
  • How do I become an authorized CSTRents renter?
  • We appreciate your enthusiasm and interest in this opportunity. If you are interested in becoming a renter, please go to Become a Segway PT Renter.