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CSTRents launches the introduction project of Segway PT in the world of Golf too.


CSTRents for the Golf project includes the selection of Clubs set all over the Italian territory.

To better look after the introduction of the vehicle inside different Clubs, we decided to divide the action into two phases.

The first phase takes into account the identification of 6 Clubs considered more important, which will be equipped with an adequate number of vehicles, without any charges for the Clubs themselves (except for the one-off payment of the sums necessary to issue the Orientation Card). Those vehicles will be granted to players, for the free rental.

In the second phase, CSTRents  will propose the use of a greater number of vehicles for every Club that will accept them. Those Clubs will organize a rental System for players, with different options, both for the Club and for the player, like long term rental, leasing, kilometric rental, sponsored rental; the CSTRents will reserve the right to sell to a third party, available advertising spaces on the vehicles, therefore, looking for a Sponsor for all the national territory.


At this point, it is universally recognized Segway PT power of arousing curiosity and attracting attention so much as to become an extraordinary way to Communicate.

In the world of Golf, Segway PT is able to outclass any other marketing and communication instrument, available on the market, because:

  • It is equipped with high technology and has an innovative design;
  • Driving it, transmits an emotion that is a characteristic which captures whoever uses it;
  • It has visibility in a sector that assures a high level target;
  • The Ecological Marketing operation, thanks to Environmental Sustainability of the vehicle, brings out one’s own Brand as environment sensitive, something that, today, is more and more important;
  • There is the possibility to add to the classic sponsorship, also promotion actions and personal data collection in agreement with the Club, on a case by case basis;
  • It also allows a sole sponsorship on the territory.

The project for the Golf will be able to give visibility as follows:

  • 6 Clubs with 700/1300 members per club
  • 2000 competitions played per year, for 90 players, as well as other people coming with them;
  • 300 days of play for 1000 players per day;
  • The vehicle that will be available for the Club staff (secretarial staff, management, green-keepers, competition committee, golf teachers), ensures a complete and diffuse visibility of the affixed sponsorship.

The use Segway PT in the Golf, offers innumerable advantages for the user:

  • Like the cart, it can freely move on the fairway, without damaging it, but at a higher speed, carrying both the bag and the player (comparative tests indicated Segway PT as the winner over 18 holes in 2 hours and 30 minutes time)
  • Compared with the cart, it requires a continuous physical activity during movements too, without interrupting player’s timing;
  • The higher position from the ground makes easier the golf ball’s search, speeding up the play and improving the vision of the holes;
  • It reduces down time, so it speeds up playing action, allowing morning break users, who are often obliged to use the practice green only, to cover 9 or 18 holes in half the time.

With the introduction of Segway PT, the Club increases its services offer to difficult customers who don’t like cart’s use, identified in the age bracket between 30 and 50 years, distinguishing itself thereby, for the attention to satisfaction of alternative mobility requests, increasing customers loyalty, improving the image and the economic return.

Moreover, the choice of an innovative and very engaging vehicle as Segway PT, opens world of Golf’s doors to younger users who are more interested in the dynamic aspect of the sport.


Especially to Clubs that want to be equipped with high technology vehicles and care for the improvement of mobility offer and for a reassessment of managerial problems.

To Firms that want to acquire advertising spaces on vehicles to enhance their image.

To Companies that deal with advertising, offering them a product that, in our opinion, is particularly interesting.

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