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Reggia Caserta Park Segway PT Authorized Tour

Segway Tour Caserta Parco della Reggia


This tour through the Park of the Royal Palace (la Reggia) driving a Segway PT will let you know one of the wonders declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

After a short “orientation” about how to use a Segway PT, that will take place in the parking lot "Reggia Centro (Ex Caserma Pollio)" with pedestrian entrance from Corso Trieste -GPS 41°04'16.9"N 14°19'45.5"E-, you will start the tour.

We will guide you to the entrance of Corso Giannone going through Via Mazzini, the Caserta shopping street.

The Royal Palace of Caserta was the ancient home of the Bourbons of Naples and is one of the most visited sites in Italy.

The Royal Palace Park, where the tour takes place, can be divided into 2 parts: the Italian Garden, characterized by impressive waterfalls and fountains, that in some cases have more than one basin, and the English Garden, characterized by dense forests and known for the famous sculpture “Bath of Venus”; this garden, however, is not open to Segway PT, but can be visited on foot respecting the opening hours.

The Royal Park is an integral part of the project designed by Luigi Vanvitelli and is inspired by the great gardens of the European royal residences of his time.

In the park we will find “the Dolphins Fountain”, which depicts three imposing creatures of the deep, dolphin-shaped, whose mouth emits a consistent stream of water that flows into the rectangular tank about 470 meters long, made by the Neapolitan sculptor Gaetano Salomone.

Then we will reach the Fountain of Aeolus, the god of wind which is shown while he’s throwing the force of the winds against Aeneas and the Trojans soldiers, urged by Juno; Eolo is placed over a group of rocks, while Juno is depicted surrounded by 12 nymphs. This sculptural complex includes 28 figures symbolizing the different wind directions.

The tour will continue by visiting the Fountain of Ceres, the harvest goddess, which supports, together with an angel, the medal of the Trinacria, the figure with three spiral shaped legs, ancient symbol of Sicily; on the sides of the deity there are four nymphs. The two figures which are placed at the far ends of the scene represent two Sicilian rivers.

Afterwards we will find the Fountain of Venus and Adonis, which represents the celebration of the myth of their love. The Muse, unintentionally hit by an arrow of Cupid, falls madly in love of man, begging him not to go hunting. The young Adonis would not listen any reason and died from a wound procured by a wild boar. At the place where the blood of Adonis fell sprang anemones. The group of sculptures faithfully reproduces the mythological episode: the goddess, kneeling, takes the hand of Adonis, while the young protagonist, unaware of the impending disaster, calms Venus.

On the right of the two protagonists a boar is depicted in an offensive position and there are also some hunting dogs, while some nymphs are lying on the rocks and some angelic figures are looking at the scene.

At the end we will see the famous Great Waterfall, that we will find at the far end of the park, rising from the hills Montemaiuolo and Montebriano.

Returning to the Reggia we will visit the “Pescheria grande”, an artificial lake with an island in the center, used as a fish basin by the then residents.

Al final del recorrido, volverá al punto de encuentro.

Siempre será posible pedir una parada para probar comidas típicas (dulces, saladas ...).

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